Pet population growth


The pet be faced a challenge different from the livestock sector. The more on how to serve the animal tends to treat the animal as member of the family the owner of animals are remarkably want any health care guarantee that family members are able to live longer, healthier, and more comfortable.


Although the data of households have pets in Indonesia is not known, but assumed the number of pet high of the pets in Indonesia is 15,6 percent in Southeastern Asia Indonesia pets in growth is predicted to reach 7,1 percent year 2020.


By increasing the income of the mainly middle-class communities in Indonesia triggered the pet lovers as a part of lifestyle community. Pet products would naturally be an industry that increase sharply. The owner of an animal from among the middle class spend the extra even were willing to give to the animal an organic lifestyle just like they expect to his family.


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The ministry of agriculture: pet animals not transmitting covid-19



In response to the news and information circulating in the community about potential covid-19 transmission from animals to human, The Ministry of Agriculture through The Directorate General Animal Husbandry of Animal Health (Directorate General PKH ) stated that until now there is no strong evidence that shows that animals, especially of animals as a source of transmission of covid-19.


has been confirmed by the world health organization (WHO) organization of animal health (OIE), that the distribution of covid-19 occurred from human to human and there has been no strong evidence that animals can spread the disease, said I Ketut Diarmita, The Director General of The Agriculture Ministry.


The Chairman of the animal health experts, Veterinary public health, and the animal quarantine. According to him based on the report from the authority of the government who is in charge of animal health in Hong Kong, have been found the number of positive weak on dogs belonging to patient positively covid-19, and the dog not show symptoms hospital. Further he explained that until now there is no evidence the transmission from animals to human covid-19.


Put an end to a statement, the Directorate General Of Animal Husbandry and Director General Of Animal Health stated that the situation is developing rapidly and information on continue to grow based on the results of the assessment conducted around the world including in Indonesia. As a form of vigilance, He added, the ministry of agriculture together with the ministry of health and the ministry of environment and forestry with the support of FAO have done surveillance triangulation to monitor the circulation of viruses especially in domestic animals and wildlife, and relation to the people.

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